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Audio Sermons

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Date Title Speaker
12/29/2013 Giving the Extra Effort Kevin Winn
12/22/2013 If I Were the Devil Kevin Winn
12/22/2013 What I Do Now Counts Later Kevin Winn
12/15/2013 Influence Marian Otvos
12/15/2013 The Golden Rule Kevin Winn
12/8/2013 A Day In the Life of Jesus Kevin Winn
12/8/2013 Christmas Kevin Winn
12/1/2013 Reputation Kevin Winn
12/1/2013 Saved and Lost Kevin Winn
11/24/2013 As Is Kevin Winn
11/24/2013 Temptation Kevin Winn
11/17/2013 The Best Seat Kevin Winn
11/10/2013 Through The Eyes of a Sheep Kevin Winn
11/3/2013 Amazing Grace Kevin Winn
11/3/2013 Unsaved Believers Kevin Winn
10/27/2013 Looking Up From the Pit of Despair Kevin Winn
10/20/2013 Sacrifice Kevin Winn
10/20/2013 The Peace Formula Kevin Winn
10/13/2013 Attitude Kevin Winn
10/13/2013 Knowing Where We Are Kevin Winn
10/6/2013 A Changed Man-The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus Kevin Winn
9/29/2013 Nathans Rebuke Kevin Winn
9/29/2013 Spiritual Weakness Kevin Winn
9/22/2013 It Is Well With My Soul Kevin Winn
9/22/2013 The Anchor of the Soul Kevin Winn
9/15/2013 Jesus As A Stone Freddie Franklin
9/8/2013 Satan is Real-The Infection of Sin Kevin Winn
9/8/2013 The Controversial Jesus Kevin Winn
9/1/2013 Friends With God Kevin Winn
9/1/2013 He Went Away Sorrowful Kevin Winn
8/26/2013 But God Kevin Winn
8/26/2013 What Is Your Life Kevin Winn
8/18/2013 The State of the Church Kevin Winn
8/11/2013 Zacchaeus-Seeking the Lord Kevin Winn
7/28/2013 Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth Freddie Franklin
7/21/2013 We Are the Children of God Kevin Winn
7/21/2013 Wise and Foolish Builders Kevin Winn
7/14/2013 A New Beginning Jesse Castleberry
7/14/2013 Co-exist Jesse Castleberry
7/7/2013 Prepare To Meet Your God Freddie Franklin
6/30/2013 Can I Know That I Am Saved Freddie Franklin
6/23/2013 Fit Subjects of Immersion Freddie Franklin
6/16/2013 Our Responsibilities Freddie Franklin
6/9/2013 The Power of Example Freddie Franklin
6/2/2013 Self-Righteousness Freddie Franklin
5/19/2013 The One Approved of God Freddie Franklin
5/12/2013 When the Lord Established His Church Freddie Franklin
4/28/2013 Hell Freddie Franklin
4/21/2013 Heaven Freddie Franklin
4/14/2013 The Second Coming of Christ Part 2 Freddie Franklin
4/7/2013 The Second Coming of Christ Part 1 Freddie Franklin
3/31/2013 The Lord's Supper Freddie Franklin
3/17/2013 Confusion About Religion Freddie Franklin
3/10/2013 Be More Like the Devil Freddie Franklin
3/3/2013 Homosexuality-Part 1 Freddie Franklin
3/3/2013 Homosexuality-Part 2 Freddie Franklin
2/24/2013 The Standard Freddie Franklin
2/17/2013 Problems In Evangelism Freddie Franklin
2/10/2013 Personal Evangelism Freddie Franklin
2/3/2013 Look To The Cross Kevin Winn
2/3/2013 You Cannot Live Wrong and Die Right Kevin Winn
1/27/2013 Don't Chain Jesus to the Pulpit Freddie Franklin
1/20/2013 Love Will Provoke Us to Evangelize Freddie Franklin
1/13/2013 Preparation For Personal Evangelism Freddie Franklin
1/6/2013 New Year Freddie Franklin