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Audio Sermons

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Date Title Speaker
12/28/2014 God Is Real No Matter How You Feel Kevin Winn
12/28/2014 How Big Is Jesus To You Kevin Winn
12/21/2014 God's Amazing Grace Kevin Winn
12/21/2014 Thoughts Make A Man Kevin Winn
12/14/2014 Evangelism Kevin Winn
12/14/2014 Majestic Glory Kevin Winn
12/7/2014 Emotional Horders Kevin Winn
12/7/2014 Water Walkers Kevin Winn
11/30/2014 Thanksgiving Kevin Winn
11/30/2014 What Will Heaven Be Like Kevin Winn
11/23/2014 One In A Million Andy Brenton
11/16/2014 Do You Really Care Kevin Winn
11/16/2014 Jesus The Lion Kevin Winn
11/9/2014 Jesus-The Son of Man Kevin Winn
11/9/2014 The Parable of the Wonderful Father Charles Wilson
11/2/2014 Lord, Do You Not Care Kevin Winn
10/26/2014 Ephesians 5:22-33 Kevin Winn
10/26/2014 Scary Things Kevin Winn
10/19/2014 Four Disciplines To Resist Temptation Kevin Winn
10/19/2014 The Rapture Kevin Winn
10/12/2014 God is Closer Than You Think Part 2 Kevin Winn
10/12/2014 Worship & Fellowship Kevin Winn
10/5/2014 God is Closer Than You Think Part 1 Kevin Winn
10/5/2014 The Terrible Disease of Sin Kevin Winn
9/28/2014 Raising Up Three Generation Kevin Winn
9/28/2014 Why Do People Suffer Kevin Winn
9/21/2014 2 Peter 2 Freddie Franklin
9/21/2014 Believing A Lie Freddie Franklin
9/14/2014 The Great Physician Freddie Franklin
9/7/2014 Christians Are Weird Kevin Winn
9/7/2014 Philippians Kevin Winn
8/31/2014 The Baptism of Jesus Kevin Winn
8/31/2014 The Homosexual Agenda Kevin Winn
8/24/2014 Expect The Unexpected Kevin Winn
8/24/2014 The work in Romania and Uzziah Iota Cocion
8/17/2014 When You're Down In the Depths Kevin Winn
8/10/2014 Love Life and See Good Days Kevin Winn
8/10/2014 The Gospel of Health and Wealth Kevin Winn
8/3/2014 Unexpected Blessings Kevin Winn
8/3/2014 What Makes A Church Strong Kevin Winn
7/27/2014 That's Just Great Kevin Winn
7/27/2014 The Gospel Charles Wilson
7/20/2014 Acts 8 Freddie Franklin
7/20/2014 Hated Without A Cause Freddie Franklin
7/13/2014 Amazing Grace Kevin Winn
6/29/2014 Visions And Prophecies Kevin Winn
6/22/2014 Let My People Go Kevin Winn
6/15/2014 Holy Matrimony Kevin Winn
6/15/2014 Psalm 88 Kevin Winn
6/8/2014 The Committed Heart Kevin Winn
6/8/2014 Three Words We Should Do Away With Kevin Winn
6/1/2014 Divorce Kevin Winn
6/1/2014 Will Man Live Again Kevin Winn
5/4/2014 Procrastination Kevin Winn
5/4/2014 Some Things We Should Remember to Forget Kevin Winn
4/27/2014 Separation From God Kevin Winn
4/27/2014 To Heaven and Back Kevin Winn
4/20/2014 John 3:16 Kevin Winn
4/16/2014 What Makes God Smile Kevin Winn
4/15/2014 What a Friend We Have in Jesus Kevin Winn
4/14/2014 The Bible Story Kevin Winn
4/13/2014 Break the Alabaster Flask Kevin Winn
4/13/2014 Don't Just Hold the Fort! Storm the Castle Kevin Winn
4/9/2014 Bible Class: Supposed Contradictions Kevin Winn
4/6/2014 A Desert Encounter Kevin Winn
4/6/2014 Remembering the Resurrection Kevin Winn
3/30/2014 Ask, Seek, Knock Kevin Winn
3/30/2014 Don't Tell Anyone Kevin Winn
3/26/2014 Bible Class-Church History-Part 7 Kevin Winn
3/23/2014 Blindness Kevin Winn
3/23/2014 Can I Practice What You Preach Kevin Winn
3/16/2014 Seven Wonders of Heaven Part 1 Kevin Winn
3/16/2014 Seven Wonders of Heaven Part 2 Kevin Winn
3/12/2014 Bible Class-Church History Kevin Winn
3/9/2014 The Temptations Promises Kevin Winn
3/9/2014 Why Is The Gospel Given in Story Form Kevin Winn
3/5/2014 Bible Class-Church History Kevin Winn
3/2/2014 Let Your Light Sign Pennas and Rimmers
3/2/2014 We Need Gods Good and Mighty Hand Kevin Winn
3/2/2014 Who Needs The Church Kevin Winn
2/26/2014 Bible Class: Church History - Baptist and Methodist Kevin Winn
2/16/2014 Creation Vs Evolution Kevin Winn
2/16/2014 I'm Not Ashamed Kevin Winn
2/12/2014 Bible Class: Church History - John Calvin (continued) Kevin Winn
2/9/2014 Come On in But Don't Touch Anything Kevin Winn
2/9/2014 Difficult Things Kevin Winn
2/5/2014 Bible Class: Church History - John Calvin Kevin Winn
2/2/2014 A Second Chance Kevin Winn
2/2/2014 Five Views of Mark 16:16 Kevin Winn
1/29/2014 Bible Class: Church History Part 3 Kevin Winn
1/26/2014 Jonathan Kevin Winn
1/22/2014 Bible Class: Reformation Movement Part 2 Kevin Winn
1/19/2014 Sins Effect on Other People Kevin Winn
1/19/2014 Television Kevin Winn
1/12/2014 Instrumental Music: What's the Big Deal Kevin Winn
1/8/2014 Bible Class: Church History-The Reformation Movement Kevin Winn
1/5/2014 Favorite Verses Kevin Winn
1/5/2014 Why Be A Christian Kevin Winn
1/1/2014 Bible Class: Church History Kevin Winn