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Audio Sermons

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Date Title Speaker
12/27/2015 God Is Not Like Us Mike Freese
12/27/2015 Who Is God Mike Freese
12/20/2015 1 & 2 Thessalonians Mike Freese
12/20/2015 Christian Evidences-Creation Vs Evolution-Part 4 Mike Freese
12/13/2015 Caleb Followed the Lord Fully Mike Freese
12/13/2015 Joshua Mike Freese
12/6/2015 Isaiah's Vision of the Lord Mike Freese
12/6/2015 The Fruit of the Spirit-Joy Mike Freese
11/29/2015 Hebrews-Part 7 Mike Freese
11/22/2015 Christian Evidences-Part 2 (Partial) Mike Freese
11/22/2015 Hebrews-Part 6 Mike Freese
11/15/2015 Christian Evidences-Part 1 Mike Freese
11/15/2015 Hebrews-Part 5 Mike Freese
11/8/2015 Hebrews-Part 4 Mike Freese
11/1/2015 Heart Diseases: Envy & Jealousy Mike Freese
11/1/2015 Hebrews-Part 3 Mike Freese
10/25/2015 Hebrews-Part 2 Mike Freese
10/25/2015 The New Testament Church Mike Freese
10/18/2015 Heart Diseases-Anger Mike Freese
10/18/2015 Hebrews-Part 1 Mike Freese
10/11/2015 Understanding The Cross Mike Freese
10/4/2015 Heart Diseases-Worry Mike Freese
10/4/2015 Lamentations-Part 2 Mike Freese
9/27/2015 The New Testament Church Mike Freese
9/20/2015 Heart Diseases-The Sin of Complaining Mike Freese
9/13/2015 Lamentations-Part 1 Mike Freese
9/13/2015 Society Without God Mike Freese
9/6/2015 Healing of Bartimaeus Mike Freese
8/30/2015 A Word About the Word-Psalm 119 Mike Freese
8/30/2015 On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand (Partial) Mike Freese
8/23/2015 The Excellence of Love Mike Freese
8/23/2015 The Heart of a Servant Mike Freese
8/16/2015 A Faith That Works Mike Freese
8/16/2015 Proverbs 11-12 Mike Freese
8/9/2015 Jesus on Trial Mike Freese
8/9/2015 True Wisdom for Life (Prov 8) Mike Freese
8/2/2015 Teach Us To Pray Mike Freese
8/2/2015 True Wisdom for Life (Prov 1-4) Mike Freese
7/26/2015 Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God Mike Freese
7/26/2015 The Handiwork of God Mike Freese
7/19/2015 Expressing Love Through Reasonable Service Mike Freese
7/19/2015 The Right Priorities Mike Freese
7/12/2015 The True Righteousness of the Kingdom Mike Freese
7/12/2015 Trials, Troubles and Tribulations Charles Wilson
7/5/2015 Forgiveness Mike Freese
7/5/2015 Hosea-God's Unconditional Love Mike Freese
6/28/2015 Amos-Part 3 Mike Freese
6/21/2015 I Want To Know Christ Mike Freese
6/21/2015 What Is Your Life Charles Wilson
6/7/2015 Amos Part 2 Mike Freese
6/7/2015 Does Everyone Have A Right To Their Own Belief Mike Freese
5/31/2015 Baptism Cody Castleberry
5/31/2015 Isaiah 53 Framk Andre
5/24/2015 Amos - The Country Prophet (Part 1) Mike Freese
5/17/2015 Hebrews Frank Andre
5/10/2015 What is it That Concerns You Mike Freese
5/3/2015 How Can We Know That We Are Going To Heaven Freddie Franklin
4/19/2015 1 Thessalonians 4 Freddie Franklin
4/19/2015 The Devil Freddie Franklin
4/12/2015 Being Tested Freddie Franklin
4/12/2015 John 14 Freddie Franklin
4/5/2015 That's the Story Going Around Kevin Winn
3/22/2015 Elders Part 4 Kevin Winn
3/22/2015 Time Kevin Winn
3/15/2015 Elders Part 3 Kevin Winn
3/8/2015 Elders Part 2 Kevin Winn
3/8/2015 Is Jesus Just Another Consumer Product? Kevin Winn
3/1/2015 The Bible Is Enough Kevin Winn
3/1/2015 Titus Marian Otvos
2/22/2015 Elders Part 1 (Choosing Church Leaders) Kevin Winn
2/22/2015 Lamentations Kevin Winn
2/15/2015 Conversion Don Goolsby
2/8/2015 Confusion In Religion Freddie Franklin
2/8/2015 Gal 3:15 Freddie Franklin
2/1/2015 The Humor of God Kevin Winn
1/25/2015 Hell Kevin Winn
1/18/2015 God Chose Water Kevin Winn
1/11/2015 The Need For Plain Talk Kevin Winn
1/4/2015 Let's Roll Kevin Winn
1/4/2015 Why Are You Here Kevin Winn