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Audio Sermons

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Date Title Speaker
1/21/2018 Is There A New Hermeneutic? Mike Freese
1/14/2018 Casual Attitude or Committed Action Mike Freese
1/14/2018 Those Who Hope in the Lord Will Renew Their Strength Mike Freese
1/7/2018 The Work of the Church Mike Freese
12/31/2017 Called to be Saints Mike Freese
12/31/2017 Does God Really Care Mike Freese
12/24/2017 Calling Bible Things By Bible Name Jesse Castleberry
12/17/2017 Brotherly Kindness and Love Jacob Black
12/17/2017 Greatness is Serving Mike Freese
12/10/2017 Some Things are Impossible Mike Freese
12/10/2017 The Fruit Of The Spirit: Peace Mike Freese
12/3/2017 The Family Of God Mike Freese
11/26/2017 The Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness Mike Freese
11/26/2017 This World Is Not My Home, I'm A Sojourner Mike Freese
11/19/2017 People at the Cross Mike Freese
11/19/2017 Prayer Seth Driscoll
11/12/2017 Sowing the Wind Mike Freese
11/12/2017 The Cost of Freedom Mike Freese
11/12/2017 Why Should We Study God's Word Mike Freese
10/29/2017 Let Each One Give As He Purposes In His Heart Mike Freese
10/29/2017 Zechariah Part 7 Mike Freese
10/22/2017 Parables of Jesus-The Unforgiving Servant Mike Freese
10/15/2017 Parables of Jesus-The Friend at Midnight Mike Freese
10/15/2017 Salvation-Crossing the Finish Line John Colon
10/8/2017 Parables of Jesus- The Parable of the Wedding Feast Mike Freese
10/1/2017 The Lord's Supper Mike Freese
9/24/2017 A Day in the Life of Christ-Part 4 Mike Freese
9/24/2017 Zechariah Part 5 Mike Freese
9/17/2017 A Day in the Life of Christ-Part 3 Mike Freese
9/17/2017 Our Great Salvation Cody Castleberry
9/3/2017 A Day in the Life of Christ-Part 2 Mike Freese
8/27/2017 A Day in the Life of Christ-Part 1 Mike Freese
8/27/2017 Zechariah Part 4 Mike Freese
8/20/2017 A Psalm of Thanksgiving Mike Freese
8/20/2017 Your Speech Seth Driscoll
8/13/2017 What Scares You Mike Freese
8/13/2017 Zechariah Part 3 Mike Freese
8/6/2017 Who Is The Holy Spirit Mike Freese
7/30/2017 What Do You Know About Sin Mike Freese
7/30/2017 Zechariah Part 2 Mike Freese
7/23/2017 Apostasy Mike Freese
7/23/2017 Zechariah Part 1 Mike Freese
7/16/2017 Hardships Jacob Black
7/16/2017 Your Speech Betrays You Mike Freese
7/9/2017 Beware Lest You Forget Mike Freese
7/9/2017 Who Is Responsible For This Mike Freese
7/2/2017 The Fruit of the Spirit-Goodness Mike Freese
6/25/2017 Why Am I Here Mike Freese
6/25/2017 Why the Gospel is Good News Mike Freese
6/18/2017 A Portrait of Fatherhood Mike Freese
6/18/2017 Are You Willing To Let The Holy Spirit Work For You Mike Penna
6/11/2017 How Much is Your Faith Worth Mike Freese
6/4/2017 Keep Focusing Mike Freese
5/28/2017 Sin Russell Terry
5/21/2017 For What Are You Running Mike Freese
5/21/2017 Fruit of the Spirit-Kindness Mike Freese
5/14/2017 Mothers Can Make A Difference Mike Freese
5/14/2017 Responding to a World of Despair Mike Freese
5/7/2017 Our Spirit of Worship Mike Freese
4/30/2017 Listen Carefully Mike Freese
4/30/2017 Second Chances Mike Freese
4/28/2017 The Tabernacle, Temple, and the Church Mike Freese
4/23/2017 Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing, and Take the Flak Mike Freese
4/23/2017 Remaining Zealous for the Lord's Work Mike Freese
4/16/2017 It Is Finished Mike Freese
4/9/2017 Are We Too Dogmatic Mike Freese
4/9/2017 Blind Mike Freese
4/2/2017 Are You Distracted Mike Freese
3/26/2017 A Stone Becomes A Mountain Mike Freese
3/26/2017 A Treasure of Great Value Mike Freese
3/19/2017 The Days are Evil Seth Driscoll
3/19/2017 What Kind of Soil Are You? Mike Freese
3/12/2017 The Fruit of the Spirit-Self Control Mike Freese
3/12/2017 Why Do We Need the Old Testament Mike Freese
3/5/2017 God is Sovereign Mike Freese
2/26/2017 Above and Beyond Mike Freese
2/26/2017 God Forgives Human Weakness Mike Freese
2/19/2017 The Brevity of Life Cody Castleberry
2/19/2017 The Day of the Lord Mike Freese
2/12/2017 A Look at Reconciliation-Philemon Mike Freese
2/12/2017 Some Things We Cannot Escape Mike Freese
2/5/2017 The Sermon on the Mount-Part 4 Mike Freese
1/29/2017 Godliness Mike Freese
1/29/2017 The Sermon on the Mount-Part 3 Mike Freese
1/22/2017 Our Omnipotent God Mike Freese
1/22/2017 The Sermon on the Mount-Part 2 Mike Freese
1/15/2017 Overcoming Temptation Cody Castleberry
1/15/2017 The Sermon on the Mount-Part 1 Mike Freese
1/8/2017 Finding Purpose in Life Mike Freese
1/8/2017 I Am the Resurrection Mike Freese
1/1/2017 A Person of Vision-Nehemiah Mike Freese