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Audio Sermons

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Date Title Speaker
1/6/2019 Search the Scriptures and Verify Ronnie Henderson
12/30/2018 The Story Of Death Mike Freese
12/23/2018 God Wants Us to Be Liberal Seth Driscoll
12/23/2018 John 3:16 Mike Freese
12/16/2018 Warning to a Local Church Mike Freese
12/9/2018 What A Sinner Learned After Death Mike Freese
12/9/2018 What Do I Owe This Local Church Mike Freese
12/2/2018 Sowing the Wind Jesse Castleberry
11/25/2018 Add to Your Faith Brotherly Kindness Mike Freese
11/25/2018 Christ Challenges Us to Make the Right Choices Mike Freese
11/18/2018 Add to Your Faith Godliness Mike Freese
11/18/2018 Godly Living During Terrible Times Mike Freese
11/11/2018 Add To Your Faith Perseverance Mike Freese
11/11/2018 Be Strong and Courageous Mike Freese
11/4/2018 Add to Your Faith Self Control Mike Freese
11/4/2018 Potpourri Ronnie Henderson
10/28/2018 Add To Your Faith Knowledge Mike Freese
10/28/2018 Amazing Grace Mike Freese
10/21/2018 Paul's Prayer For The Ephesians Jordan Lawson
10/21/2018 Priorities Mike Freese
10/14/2018 David's Charge To Solomon Mike Freese
10/14/2018 Why Did Joshua Choose to Serve the Lord Mike Freese
10/7/2018 Jesus In the Book of Job Mike Freese
10/7/2018 Let's Make A Deal Freddie Franklin
9/30/2018 Jesus From the Gospel Of John Mike Freese
9/23/2018 Psalm 73 Mike Freese
9/23/2018 Yield Not to Temptation Mike Freese
9/16/2018 Take Up My Cross Mike Freese
9/16/2018 The Law Seth Driscoll
9/9/2018 Ask, Seek, Knock Mike Freese
9/9/2018 Worship is a Verb Mike Freese
9/2/2018 Book, Chapter and Verse Ronnie Henderson
9/2/2018 Isaiah 24-The Everlasting Covenant Ronnie Henderson
8/26/2018 Standing on the Promises of God Mike Freese
8/26/2018 Who Can Be An Elder Part 3 Mike Freese
8/19/2018 King Asa Jesse Lester
8/19/2018 Who Can Be An Elder Part 2 Mike Freese
8/12/2018 The Church Frank Andre
8/12/2018 Who Can Be An Elder Mike Freese
8/5/2018 Psalms of Ascent Mike Freese
8/5/2018 What Are My Priorities Mike Freese
7/29/2018 Dangers Facing the Church Mike Freese
7/29/2018 Responsibilities of the Preacher Mike Freese
7/22/2018 Injury and Sin A Parallel Jacob Black
7/22/2018 Sacrifice Mike Freese
7/15/2018 Create In Me A Clean Heart Mike Freese
7/15/2018 Psalm 119 Mike Freese
7/8/2018 Backsliding Mike Freese
7/8/2018 Too Busy Not to Pray Mike Freese
7/1/2018 The Work Of The Local Church Mike Freese
6/24/2018 Psalm 95-100 Worshiping God Mike Freese
6/24/2018 The Work of the Church-Benevolence Mike Freese
6/17/2018 Biblical Families Mike Freese
6/17/2018 What Does Christ Expect From His Church Seth Driscoll
6/10/2018 Am I Honest About Seeking the Truth Mike Freese
6/10/2018 Psalm 4 Mike Freese
5/27/2018 3 John (Partial) Ronnie Henderson
5/27/2018 The Difficult Beatitudes Cody Castleberry
5/20/2018 The Judgement of God Mike Freese
5/13/2018 Comfort From Psalms Mike Freese
5/6/2018 Improper Attitudes Toward Sin Mike Freese
4/29/2018 Jesus Our Perfect High Priest Mike Freese
4/29/2018 Psalm 37 Mike Freese
4/22/2018 Bible Authority Mike Freese
4/22/2018 Trials In Our Lives Russell Terry
4/15/2018 But Godliness with Contentment is Great Gain Mike Freese
4/15/2018 Pausing to Give Thanks-Psalms 118 Mike Freese
4/8/2018 Becoming More Effective Christians Mike Freese
4/8/2018 Psalm 51 Mike Freese
4/1/2018 The Case for Christ: The Evidence for Jesus Mike Freese
3/25/2018 The Four Stories of Jesus Mike Freese
3/18/2018 Being Different Seth Driscoll
3/18/2018 The Challenges of a Overcoming Sin Mike Freese
3/11/2018 Are Things Really Any Different Today Mike Freese
3/4/2018 If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat Mike Freese
2/25/2018 The Way of the Righteous-Psalm 1 Mike Freese
2/25/2018 Things We Can Learn From Road Signs Mike Freese
2/18/2018 Laying Up Treasure In Heaven Cody Castleberry
2/18/2018 What Yoke Are You Wearing Mike Freese
2/11/2018 God is Right. God is Just Mike Freese
2/11/2018 Promise of Faithful Living-Psalm 101 Mike Freese
2/4/2018 Is Heaven Worth Waiting For Mike Freese
1/28/2018 Contentment Mike Freese
1/28/2018 How Do Your Feelings Relate to Your Faith Mike Freese